We treat your dog like our own.

  • Emphasis on Safety – Our groomer has been acknowledged for safety awareness on many occasions. Grooming can be a stressful experience for some dogs and we are able to identify when your pet needs a break. We make ourselves aware of any preexisting issues before we begin so we can identify any changes and make adjustments to the grooming process if necessary. If there’s a medical emergency, we have two Veterinary offices less than three minutes away.
  • Sanitation – Our equipment is sanitized after every groom with no exception. We take every precaution we can to prevent the spread of contagious conditions.
  • Minimal Cage-Time – Your pet will only spend time in the cage while drying or while another customer is being checked in or out. Our appointments are staggered so your dog spends their down-time supervised in our waiting room with toys, water, and treats.

Our environment was designed for dogs.

  • Our Waiting Room – Our waiting room was designed with dogs in mind. There’s plenty of room to run around and play without having to worry about your puppy getting hold of anything harmful. The large window is perfect for dogs who love spending time observing. Doors are always locked, so there’s no worries about escape artists.
  • Our Grooming Room – Our grooming room was designed to be a calm environment with minimal stimuli to keep dogs safe and focused during the most delicate portions of their groom.

We’re family owned and operated.

  • There’s no mystery – You will always know who’s working with your dog. Your pet will never encounter anyone who isn’t trained and very dog-friendly.

Our products cater to just about every dog and their owner.

  • Hypoallergenic  – The hypoallergenic shampoos and conditioners we use are mild enough for even the most sensitive skins. They aren’t concentrated, so we don’t have to mix them with any equipment that could risk cross-contamination.
  • Green Products – At your request, we offer green shampoos at no additional cost. They’re organic and 100% biodegradable, plus they do a great job on any coat!
  • US-Made – Every product we use on your pet is made in the United States.
  • Natural Solutions for Fleas & Ticks – We offer natural shampoo treatments that resolve most  moderate pest issues. There’s no need to worry about the health problems that have been linked to harsh chemical flea treatments with these.

We’re conveniently located.

  • There’s a lot to do – We’re right behind ShopRite, surrounded by salons, minutes from the Ocean City boardwalk and beaches, and restaurants are scattered all throughout the area. Pick up your groceries, enjoy a spa day, relax on the beach, or grab some food. Your dog will be here when you’re finished.
  • We’re closer than you think –  See how close we are to you!

We give extra effort.

  • We take pride in our grooms – We won’t send a dog home with a groom that we ourselves wouldn’t be happy with. As long as there isn’t a health, safety, or behavioral issue, we won’t stop a groom until we’re happy with the results.
  • Bows & Bandanas – We make all of our bows by hand and our bandannas are home-cut from fabrics purchased in New Jersey.